Friday, June 06, 2014

The path of the autodidact

I like learning, be it a new computer algorithm or political history. My problem is that I spend a lot of time looking around, sampling information from different domains but not being able to focus and get deeper. Since I am in need of depth to feel happy about a topic, I always feel that there is something missing. I watch lots of YouTube videos and I am enrolled (but have never finished) in dozens of online courses. There is no end to sampling in this age of easy access to all sorts of information. Since September 2012, I have a second job, namely being a father, which does not leave any time for prolonged concentration.

My plan: Sample for 6 months, then in the final two weeks, decide on what to focus on (at most 2 things). Take a week of off from job and get down and dirty. If it is related to programming, create a working application. Make sure there is a babysitter during the day, i.e. father time = mainly evenings and weekends.