Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wedding...Chechen style

Ali, who is a relative and friend of mine married. It was a nice wedding in Çardak with all necessary ceremonies. The only problem was the August heat. "Who is that handsome guy on the left?" you ask... Şamil himself of course!

On the right, uncle Erol dances with my sister.

Here is little İlker, son of my uncle Cuma.

As a gift for the couple, we bought a few bracelets. Here you see my mom presenting them to the bride.


Rahmi Lale said...

But the August heat does not seem to make you less energetic, ha haji?

I bet you had put ladies into a situation that they just couldn’t resist to your mind-blowing Chechen dance figures and threw themselves into stage one by one…


Samil Korkmaz said...

That's so true Rahmiziim, so true ;)