Thursday, July 05, 2018

Difference between hub and switch

You can listen to traffic/packets by connecting to a hub but not a switch.

The Difference Between a Router, Switch and Hub: "In a hub, a frame is passed along or "broadcast" to every one of its ports. It doesn't matter that the frame is only destined for one port... A switch, however, keeps a record of the MAC addresses of all the devices connected to it. With this information, a switch can identify which system is sitting on which port. So when a frame is received, it knows exactly which port to send it to..."

How do i capture all traffic on a switch: "A switch will never forward 'other' traffic (traffic that is not directed to your ethernet mac address + broadcast) to your port unless you tell it to do so. So, if you did not configure a mirror port on the switch, you will only see ... your own traffic & traffic to multicast and/or broadcast addresses"

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