Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wikipedia in schools

Wikipedia in schools:

"It can fairly be argued that Wikipedia is one of if not the greatest collaborative successes on the Internet, and it so happens that like schools, it is in the business of spreading knowledge."

"Students in high school and university, perhaps even middle school, already spend innumerable hours researching and writing papers that will only be read by a few people before being forgotten. Teachers and professors in high school and university are a cadre of adults who have spent their lives learning, understanding, expanding, and teaching certain academic subjects. All of these people deal with spreading/learning knowledge on a full time basis. If just a small fraction of these people (34+ million high school and college students in US), both students and teachers, were systematically encouraged to become regular editors of Wikipedia (and sister projects), the results would be incredible."

"Schools should encourage Wikipedia volunteering just as much as they promote the more "traditional" types of such work, and frankly, editing can be a far more academic pursuit than pulling weeds at the local park."

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