Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lobbyist Morgan Reed On Slashdot

Lobbyist Morgan Reed Answers Questions:

"People tend to avoid and denigrate subjects they don't fully understand or feel comfortable with."

"Most Slashdot readers prize themselves on being knowledgeable, especially about tech issues. Many readers depend on knowledge for their income. Yet on issues involving the government, these same "knowledge workers" treat politics like the technophobes treat computers."

"I would suggest that before any reader makes a blanket statement about either party or any bill or any political issue, that you take the time to think "how much do I really know about this bill?" Am I reading the full text, or am I being spun? Be aware that much of what you read on the editorial page of the newspaper, or what you hear on talk radio, is spin."

"It is essential that you not turn off from politics. Instead, take the time to embrace it for a few weeks, learn what you can, then check your gut. Don't be the kind of person you hate to meet who attacks your work, or calls it trivial, because they don't understand it, and are slightly fearful that they will look ignorant."

"You must demonstrate to members of Congress and other government officials how your position will benefit their constituents and demonstrate that many of their constituents feel the same way. This is the key to effectively lobbying government even without deep pockets."

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