Friday, October 10, 2008


Why are so many seemingly intelligent, rational people caught in the grip of the irrational beliefs of religion? Law, engineering, chemistry, mathematics... fields that require a great deal of thinking, seem to be no guarantee of rational thinking.

The root of Compartmentalization, I believe, is the fear of death, and the inability to conceive of their own non-existence. People are so afraid of dying, of leaving everything they know and love, that they are willing to believe a lie, a fairy-tale, in order to comfort themselves.

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Rahmi Lale said...

Kısave öz bir yazıymış. Acaba şu kısa ömrümüzde din mevzusundan arınmış bir hayat görebilecek miyiz?
Kompartmentalizayşoon kelimesini de ekledik haneye ;)