Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movies for Geeks

Revolution OS is a 2001 documentary which traces the history of GNU, Linux, and the open source and free software movements. I like Richard Stallmann.

Also consider watching The Social Network for some geek fun about the creation of Facebook. (Thanks to Umut for these two)

Discovery Channel - The History Of Hacking

Tetris Documentary

History of Video Games

Guns Germs and Steel

Blackadder - Final episode

Code Rush (Netscape Mozilla Documentary 1998 - 2000)

ps: I was surprised to learn that Sourceforge was VA Linux before.

* Juanes - A Dios Le Pido
* The Sisters of Mercy - Ribbons
* The Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion
* Duran Duran - Wild Boys
* Nine Inch Nails - Just Like You Imagined

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