Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Effective Jira

I am using Jira to record and track issues. After I have recorded an issue, my daily workflow is as follows: In the morning, I enter a comment about what I plan to do that day regrading theissue and how I plan to do it, including any questions I have. During the day, I update the comment with what I did and how I answered my own questions, or sometimes, how I got stuck and had to change course. In a way, I do micro-planning, micro-design and micro-implementation, all in a diary style.

The next time I work on the issue, I repeat the same workflow. This allows me to clarify the problem and help me quickly get up to speed when there is a long delay (e.g. 1 week) before I can touch the issue again. It also helps me prepare for our daily Scrum meetings. If it is a long running issue, I can quickly see what I did along the way and be able to easily explain why it took so long, especially if it is an issue that needs input from other people and those inputs were delayed.

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