Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fundamental theorem of calculus

Yesterday, as part of a derivation I resorted to the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Unfortunately, I used bad intuition. Luckily, I have intelligent colleagues who can help me out in times of idiocity ;)

Details below:

It is a silly mistake about something very basic.

Moral of the story: Keep questioning all your axioms and assumptions, and keep discussing with intelligent people.

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Hakan Tiftikci said...

FTOC genellesmis hali icin
1) differential forms
2) exterior algebra
3) (Generalized) Stokes Theorem, bazi kitaplarda FTOC
kavramlarina bakmakta fayda var. Ayrica bu "continuous" "theorem"lerin, "telescoping property (of Riemann sum)" olarak anilan "discrete" ozellikle ilgisi ve bu ilgi akabinde yorumlama uzerine bir yardimi olacagini dusunuyorum.