Saturday, April 04, 2009

Browser Comparison

I use both Google Chrome and IE8. Here is a short comparison about features that I use most:

* Chrome's menu bars take less screen space. IE8 uses one row more:

* Each new tab in google chrome starts with the most used sites list while IE8 can only be configured to show your home page:

* In blogger when I use the "insert link" button, Chrome displays the window without the "http//" being selected. You have to delete it before you paste your copied link. IE8 first asks that annoying " here to allow scripted windows", then you have click again but it diplays the link window with the "http://" part selected (Update April 23: I downloaded Chrome 2 beta, problem solved):

* If you have multiple tabs open and accidentally close the browser window, Chrome does not warn you while IE8 asks you if you are sure (which is a good thing). I hope the Chrome guys will add this feature. But you can tell Chrome to open the last session automatically the next time you launch Chrome. Go to Options / Basics and select "Restore the pages that were open last". This should come as default.

Result: I like Chrome better.

For tips see The Power User's Guide to Google Chrome


Rahmi Lale said...

What about Firefox and Opera? Performance wise Chrome might be the fastest but Opera and Firefox has fantastic features.
For the record I do not use IE at all...

Samil Korkmaz said...

I tried Firefox. I am a simple man with simple needs, so Chrome was a better match for me.

Rahmi Lale said...

Not buyin' it! ;)

Nart Bedin Atalay said...

Chrome'a Google Toobbar yükleyemedim. Bu nedenle kullanmıyorum.

Nesij said...