Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Design that Matters

Design that Matters (DtM) mission:
Our mission is to create products that improve the services of social enterprises in developing countries. DtM leverages the skills and intellectual capital of hundreds of volunteers in academia and industry to create breakthrough solutions for communities in need.

(pdf) Implementation and Initial Assessment of the Design That Matters Program at MIT and other Universities:
DtM serves as the "institutional memory" ... to allow successive teams of students to build on each other's work.

In selecting problems to address, DtM relies on the
following basic selection criteria:
• Need: the design challenge meets a real need, something
that seriously affects the lives of thousands or even
millions of people.
• Scope: we can provide sufficient information and enough
focus to make the problem accessible to students in a
single semester. This may involve breaking a large
problem up into smaller component problems.
• Contacts: there exist community/stakeholder
representatives, NGO contacts and domain experts who
can answer questions and are willing and able to put the
student innovations to immediate use.
• Status: there are no existing, satisfactory solutions to this
problem, nor do any appear to be in development.

DtM specifically targets design challenges that assist
communities to exploit local resources in a sustainable fashion.

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