Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cirdingis deleted from wikipedia

Some time ago I added a draft article about cirdingis to wikipedia. I was too lazy to update it, and when I checked it yesterday it was not present anymore. I found the page where people discussed what to do with my entry. It is interesting to see the self editing/healing/organizing of wikipedia in action. There is hope in humanity...

Update 17.02.06: The page has been transwikied to wikibooks. Its new location is here. I can continue to work on it and find a proper place in the wiki universe.

Whenever I see all those wikis all for free for me to use -I use wikipedia almost every day- I feel joy and a little bit of guilt. I will pay my debt by contributing.
Check out these wikibooks:
The World History Project
Learning the German Language
Ada Programming

Imagine a world in which every person has free access to the sum of all human knowledge.


Nart Bedin Atalay said...

Bravo, medeniyetin geldiği noktadan çok hoşnutum. Gavur memleketlerdeki eğitim, görgü düzeyine hayran kaldım.
'no Google hits for "cirdingis", and I can't find it at Chechen Cuisine' (by Tearlach) yorumu kulağa türkçe klavye kullanmanın önemini fısıldıyor.
İtirat edeyim blogda yazıyı okuyunca cirdingis kelimesini (sördings) gibi okuyup'da arattım. Uzun süre anlayamadım.

Samil Korkmaz said...

Sördingiş ha... Cırdıngişın asil "Sir" hali mi oluyor bu? Sen beni güldürdün Allah da seni güldürsün :))