Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How to detect bullshit - scottberkun.com

A good read to protect yourself from stupidity: How to detect bullshit - scottberkun.com:

"Be like Socrates: assume people are unaware of their own ignorance (including yourself) and politely, warmly, probe to sort out the difference. The first detection tool is a question: How do you know what you know?"

"Be a leader in creating an environment unpleasant for BS [bullshit]. If everyone knows the gauntlet of friendly, but rigorous, intellectual curiosity claims must run through, BS will be discouraged while still in the minds of the tempted."

"Great teams and families help each other detect bullshit, both in others and themselves, as sometimes the real BS we need to fear is our own."

Check out Internet ve Kamusal Alan as an exercise (thanks to Umut).

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