Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Simo Häyhä

From wikipedia:

"Simo Häyhä (17 December 1905–1 April 2002), nicknamed "Belaya Smert" (Russian Cyrillic Белая Смерть; in English, White Death; Finnish Valkoinen kuolema) by the Soviet army, was a Finnish soldier, and is widely considered to be the most successful sniper in history, with more than 500 confirmed kills in hundred days."

From another article:

"In times of trouble it is often the quiet men that rise to greatness."

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Rahmi Lale said...

Entersan bir karakter. Lakin merak ettigim 500'u nasil saydiklari? Eleman o kadar asabiyet yapmis da her indirdigini Lord of the Rings'deki muhabbet gibi sayar hale mi gelmis?