Saturday, January 12, 2008

Turkish Surprise

An extremely bitter article relevant to a few years ago: Turkish surprise:

"As the world turned its gaze toward Turkey, expecting what was thought to be inevitable, the Turkish people shook the floor of the global stage and gave a resounding message of hope to the wretched. We have seen there are still things in life worth a sacrifice. Turkey, a nation whose economy is in dire straits and which faces social upheaval, preserved its dignity.
How sad to see Turkey suffering for people who refuse to help themselves and to know that Turkey will pay a higher price — while the Arabs refuse to pay a much lower one — to save their Iraqi brothers.
Will you simply switch the channel to the sewage of Arab music clips and dance your way out of history? As for me, I will not shed a tear for your demise, for you would have deserved it."

Another relevant article: Diyet

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