Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kitap Önerisi - Stumbling on Happiness

Stumbling on Happiness: Mutluluğun psikolojisini, özellikle de neden mutluluğa ulaşmanın sandığımız gibi olmadığını anlatıyor.

[p.70] If the goal of science is to make us feek awkward and ignorant in the presence of things we once understood perfectly well, then psychology has succeeded above all others.

[p.87] ...when we want to remember our experience, our brains quickly reweave the tapestry by fabricating - not by actually retrieving - the bulk of the information that we experience as a memory. This fabrication happens so quickly and effortlessly that that we have the illusion ... that the entire thing was in our head the entire time.

[p.156] ... people generally don't like to buy the most expensive item in a category, hence retailers can improve their sales by stocking a few very expensive items that no one actually buys.

[p.182] ... we derive support for our preferred conclusions by listening to the words that we put in the mouths of people who have already been preselected for their willingness to say what we want to hear.

[p.184] ... even when people do encounter facts that disconfirm their favored conclusions, they have a knack for ignoring them, forgetting them, or seeing them differently than the rest of us do.

[p.243] ... couples generally start out quite happy in their marriages and then become progressively less satisfied over the course of their lives together, getting close to their original levels of satisfaction only when their children leave home.

[p.245] We are nodes in social network that arises and falls by a logic of its own, which is why we continue to toil, continue to mate, and continue to be surprised when we do not experience all the joy we gullibly anticipated.

[p.252] ... the average person doesn't see herself as average.

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