Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mühendis Yönetici

Mühendislik tabanından gelip yöneticilik yapmak durumunda kalıyorsanız bilmenizde fayda olan ipuçları için bkz. A Disclosure:
You will use the skills that made you a great engineer, but there’s an entirely new set of skills you need to acquire and refine.

Each group in the company has a different language they speak and a different set of needs. As a manager, you need to be able to speak all the corporate dialects of those you depend on.

Leadership is not just about effectively getting stuff done, but demonstrating through your composure that you aren’t rattled by the freakish.

You defend your team against organizational insanity with No.

It’s time to translate and to teach what you’re good at to those who you work with, and that starts by trusting them to do that which you previously only asked of yourself.

What to do when you're screwed:
You’ll find early on in your management stint that main reason people make the trek to your office is because they need conflict resolution.

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