Saturday, May 22, 2010

Keyboard shortcut to Vista display settings

The standard way to reach Vista display settings window is:
* Right click on an empty space on desktop
* Choose personalize
* Click display settings

I need to reset my display settings at least once a day because my laptop gets confused due to a design error. I want a keyboard shortcut since I don't like to use the mouse. Here is how:
* Right click on desktop
* Choose new/shortcut
* Type the following in the text box that says "type the location of the item": control.exe desk.cpl,@0,3
* Click next, give your shortcut a name and finish the process

Now assign a keyboard shortcut:
* Right click on your new shortcut
* Choose properties
* Click on "Shortcut Key" edit box
* Press the shortcut keys you want (I choose ctrl+alt+j)
* Click OK

Now, whenever I want to change my display settings, I press ctrl+alt+j

Source: Psychobabble

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