Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Economy lectures for the citizen

Economics for the citizen:

From part 2:
At the beginning of each semester, I tell students that my economic theory course will deal with positive, nonnormative economic theory. I also tell them that if they hear me making a normative statement without first saying, “In my opinion,” they are to raise their hands and say, “Professor Williams, we didn’t take this class to be indoctrinated with your personal opinions passed off as economic theory; that’s academic dishonesty.”

From part 3:
I’m reminded of charges of exploitation Mrs. Williams used to make early on in our 44-year marriage. She’d charge, “Walter, you’re using me!” I’d respond by saying, “Honey, sure, I’m using you. If I had no use for you, I wouldn’t have married you in the first place.” How many of us would marry a person for whom we had no use? As a matter of fact, the problem of the lonely hearts among us is that they can’t find someone to use them.

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Anonymous said...

Abi, Mr. Williams bir de tombul ve al yanaklı bir amca ise, ben kendisini her daim dinleyeme ve okumaya bir fiil razı olduğumu iddia edeceğim.
Şiir gibi geldi :P