Friday, November 17, 2006

A List Of Fallacious Arguments

A List Of Fallacious Arguments: "Argument By Gibberish (Bafflement):
Gibberish may come from people who can't find meaning in technical jargon, so they think they should copy style instead of meaning. It can also be a 'snow job', AKA 'baffle them with BS', by someone actually familiar with the jargon. Or it could be Argument By Poetic Language.
An example of poetic gibberish: 'Each autonomous individual emerges holographically within egoless ontological consciousness as a non-dimensional geometric point within the transcendental thought-wave matrix.'"

Another famous example is Şamil's use of exponential functions to prove anything ;)

"Weasel Wording:
This is very much like Euphemism, except that the word changes are done to claim a new, different concept rather than soften the old concept. For example, an American President may not legally conduct a war without a declaration of Congress. So, various Presidents have conducted "police actions", "armed incursions", "protective reaction strikes," "pacification," "safeguarding American interests," and a wide variety of "operations". Similarly, War Departments have become Departments of Defense, and untested medicines have become alternative medicines. The book "1984" has some particularly good examples."


Nart Bedin Atalay said...

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Nart Bedin Atalay said...

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Samil Korkmaz said...

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