Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cannae Savaşı

Kartacalı Hanibal'ın Romalılar'a karşı Cannae'de kazandığı zafer ilginç:

Reportedly, a Carthaginian officer named Gisgo commented on how much larger the Roman army was. Hannibal replied, "another thing that has escaped your notice, Gisgo, is even more amazing—that although there are so many of them, there is not one among them called Gisgo."
Hannibal's unique deployment of his army, based on his perception of the terrain and understanding of the capabilities of his troops, proved decisive.
...they [Romans] re-doubled their efforts, declaring full mobilization of the male Roman population, and raised new legions enlisting landless peasants and even slaves.[53] So firm were these measures that the word “peace” was prohibited, mourning was limited to only thirty days, and public tears were prohibited even to women.
The whole battle, from the Carthaginian standpoint, is a consummate piece of art, having no superior, few equal, examples in the history of war

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