Monday, May 08, 2006


I am interested in how to learn and help others learn. The unschooling page has interesting insights on how to learn without schools:

"Science is not the memorization of uninteresting facts, as 12 years of science classes may lead you to believe. Science is merely a process of asking questions and searching answers, along with the combined knowledge accumulated from this search."

(thanx to Rahmi for bringing this image to my attention)

"However don't think that unschooling is limited to just a new way of learning the same subjects in school! Instead, it's just as important to do other things: become an apprentice or volunteer and learn how to take care of a "real job"; start your own business; lobby politicians and try to make changes in our government or society; go on an explorative trip around the world to learn about other cultures and ways of living; etc."

A good time to re-read What You'll Wish You'd Known...

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