Sunday, October 01, 2006

Who Writes Wikipedia?

An interesting insight to the myth that about 500 people write the majority of wikipedia articles. Well, they do a lot of editing, but they supply a tiny bit of the giant that is wikipedia! There is still hope in the masses :)

Who Writes Wikipedia? (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought): "When you put it all together, the story become clear: an outsider makes one edit to add a chunk of information, then insiders make several edits tweaking and reformatting it. In addition, insiders rack up thousands of edits doing things like changing the name of a category across the entire site -- the kind of thing only insiders deeply care about. As a result, insiders account for the vast majority of the edits. But it's the outsiders who provide nearly all of the content."

By the way, that Aaron Swartz is 20 years old! Look at his writing syle, his productivity! I don't want to resort to genius explanations, but this is a hard case (as it is with the best engineer alive, Erdinç) ;)


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