Sunday, September 16, 2007

Personal knowledge management

We are people who take personal improvement seriously, i.e. when we decide that a course of action is both logical and important we have the self discipline to act, to execute. I think personal knowledge management is a relevant concept. Skills associated with personal knowledge management:

* Reflection, continuous improvement on how the individual operates.

* Manage how and when the individual learns.

* Information literacy. Understanding what information is important and how to find unknown information.

* Organizational skills. Personal librarianship? Personal categorization and taxonomies.

* Networking with others. Knowing what your network of people knows. Knowing who might have additional knowledge and resources to help you

* Researching, canvassing, paying attention, interviewing and observational 'cultural anthropology' skills

* Communication skills. Perception, intuition, expression, visualization, and interpreting.

* Creative skills. Imagination, pattern-recognition, appreciation, innovation, inference. Understanding of complex adaptive systems.

* Collaboration skills. Coordination, synchronization, experimentation, cooperation, and design.

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