Saturday, March 31, 2007

Camtasia and Microsoft Visual C++ .NET

Recently, I have been busy with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET. As always, learning a new development environment has its ups and downs. I was annoyed of .NET's habit of creating a default project that always included stdafx.h, mscorlib.dll, using namespace System... I usually just need a simple main method and iostream.

So I examined alternatives and found that simply creating an empty project works easiest for me. During that learning process I wondered how I should share it. Then came to my mind Camtasia that I used years ago. Briefly, it is a tool that captures whatever you do on screen and gives you a video.

Below is the video of my little .NET advanture captured via Camtasia (unfortunately, Google video quality is shitty):

I highly recommend Camtasia to anyone who prepares tutorials of some sort. It is much more effective to explain things using videos than just static text and images. You can download the fully functional 30 day trial Camtasia from their download page.

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