Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Science, Pseudo-Science, and Falsifiability

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"The two psycho-analytic theories were in a different class. They were simply non-testable, irrefutable. There was no conceivable human behaviour which could contradict them. This does not mean that Freud and Adler were not seeing certain things correctly; I personally do not doubt that much of what they say is of considerable importance, and may well play its part one day in a psychological science which is testable. But it does mean that those "clinical observations" which analysts naïvely believe confirm their theory cannot do this any more than the daily confirmations which astrologers find in their practice. And as for Freud’s epic of the Ego, the Super-ego, and the Id, no substantially stronger claim to scientific status can be made for it than for Homer’s collected stories from Olympus. These theories describe some facts, but in the manner of myths. They contain most interesting psychological suggestions, but not in a testable form."
Karl Popper - Science, Pseudo-Science, and Falsifiability

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Nart Bedin Atalay said...

Şamilcim sağolasın sayende bu makaleyi de okumuş olduk.
Makale ile ilgili hayran olduğum Popper'in kolay okunur ve anlaşılır yazmadaki ustalığı. Büyük felsefe ustasının yazısındaki sadeliği görünce aklıma Türkçe'den okuduğum felsefe kitapları geldi. Daha fazla söze gerek yok.