Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bill Gates Harvard Konuşması

Bill Gates'ten insanlığın problemleri ve olası çözümler üzerine ilham verici bir konuşma:

Part 3:
It's difficult to look at suffering if the situation is so complex that we don't know how to help... Cutting through complexity to find solutions runs through four predictable stages:

1.Determine a goal
2.Find the highest impact approach
3.Deliver the technology ideal for that approach
4.In the meantime, use the best application of technology you already have
Part 4, Part 5

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:
To maintain its status as a charitable foundation, it must donate at least 5% of its assets each year.[15] Thus the donations from the foundation each year would amount to over US$1.5 billion at a minimum.
The Gates Foundation has quickly become a major influence upon global health; the approximately US$800 million that the foundation gives every year for global health approaches the annual budget of the United Nations' World Health Organization (193 nations) and is comparable to the funds given to fight infectious disease by the United States Agency for International Development.[18] The Foundation currently provides 17% (US$86 million in 2006) of the world budget for the attempted eradication of poliomyelitis (polio).
Donated $19.8 million to develop rice with higher amounts of micronutrients [27] and $11 million to develop rice with C4 carbon fixation instead of C3 carbon fixation to the International Rice Research Institute.

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